Exhaust Jack

Simple to use and highly efficient, with no complicated moving parts to jam or seize. Features a reliable 1 way valve at the end of the hose, which will keep the bag inflated for hours. Great to lift your vehicle out of a hole when it's up to the axles, whether in snow, dirt, mud or sand. Comes as a complete kit including two protective mats to prevent puncturing the bag, a pair of work gloves to keep your hands clean and protected, a puncture repair kit incase the bag is pierced, laminated operating instructions and a handy carry bag in which you can store everything.

Exhaust Jack – 75cm lift Large

Part No:72X04

We also offer a range of Exhaust Jack Accessories spanning from larger exhaust cones and extension hoses to puncture repair kits.


General Warning:
  • It is highly recommended that prior to using this Exhaust Jack that users undertake off road training course including vehicle recovery. Recovering immobilised vehicles is potentially a dangerous exercise and this Exhaust Jack is to be used with great care.
  • Ensure these guidelines have been read and understood prior to use.
  • This Exhaust Jack is not suitable for all vehicle recovery circumstances.
  • These are guidelines only and do not cover all situations, if in any doubt seek professional assistance.
  • The equipment in the Exhaust Jack kit shall not be used for any purpose other than as described in these guidelines.
  • Any trailer or caravan attached to vehicle shall be disconnected prior to operating Exhaust Jack .
Exhaust Jack Warning:
  • Never allow any part of your body to be under the vehicle when it is supported by the Exhaust Jack .
  • Never use Exhaust Jack for vehicle maintenance, accessory fitment or wheel removal.
  • Ensure immobile vehicle is stable and not in a position where a rollover could occur prior to getting out of the vehicle or commencing vehicle recovery.
  • Chock wheels which will remain on the ground when the Exhaust Jack is inflated to prevent the vehicle from rolling. Use Exhaust Jack to lift vehicle, do NOT use the Exhaust Jack as a vehicle support.
  • Never get underneath a vehicle during recovery operations.
  • Never inflate Exhaust Jack beyond 68.9 kPa (10psi)
  • Check that the Exhaust Jack is safe to use as per "Component Information" of the guidelines.
  • No person(s) are to remain in a vehicle that is being raised. All person(s) except for the Exhaust Jack operator are to be well clear of the vehicle.
  • Never lift the vehicle from the front or rear end where the front two wheels or rear two wheels are lifted off the ground simultaneously. Recommended recovery locations are on one side of the vehicle between the front and rear wheels - Position image available in the guidelines that come with the unit.
  • Never attempt to push the vehicle during a vehicle recovery.
  • Be aware that vehicles exhaust fumes are poisonous if inhaled in large quantities. Therefore do not use Exhaust Jack in a confined area and always turn off engine when not inflating the jack.
  • If using air compressor to inflate Exhaust Jack , never leave unattended.


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