Hot Water Shower

Bushranger's New Hot Water Shower is an essential product for any adventure! Mounted inside your engine bay, there is no bulky parts to carry and no complex set-ups to go through just to clean yourself off. All you do is simply plug two quick connect hoses, drop one in some water and hook the shower head up above your head. At the flick of the switch you're there, nice hot flowing water. The only trouble is that you wont want to get out of the shower! The Bushranger Hot Water Shower is not just great for use as a shower, you can adapt it to other applications also. Listed below in the applications section is range of other uses you may encounter on your adventures from your local camping site to the other end of the country.

Tried and Tested? The Hot Water Shower may be a New Product form Bushranger but it is very familar to our staff, over the last 18 months the team have been using this shower for their own adventures. You may have seen it in the Bushranger - Flinders Ranges DVD, where it was put to the test on both the 8 member team and their vehicles. It has also been used in our Simpson Desert DVD and it is now the Shower of Choice at Tri-State Safari's where they use this product on their tours.

Product Upgrade

The engineering team at Bushranger have developed a New Heat Exchanger, which has Increased the Efficiency of the unit over 35% compared with the previous unit. This new heat exchanger is still made from 100% copper and incorporates a New Bleed Point to allow you to remove any excess air from the system before use.

  • Over 35% Increase in Efficiency
  • 100% Copper
  • New Bleed Point
New Accessory Available

In designing the new Heat Exchanger, our engineers took the opportunity to allow for an extra accessory to help increase its life and give you many more years of worry free use.

The New Sacrificial Anode is made from Zinc and can be added to the heat exchanger through the new bleed point. The Zinc Anode will corrode in the heat exchanger instead of the copper heat exchanger itself, keeping the system in top working order and protecting your investment.

  • Hot Water Shower
  • Great for washing dishes
  • Cleaning muddy clothes and equipment
  • Great for washing vehicles
  • Great for filling radiators (when engine is cold)
  • Filling any onboard reservoir
  • Dimensions (Pump): 160mm x 160mm x 200mm (Plus Plumbing)
  • Dimensions (Heat Exchanger): 120mm x 80mm x 340mm (Plus Plumbing)
  • Volume: 0 - 12 Liters per Minute
  • Weight: 5.4kg
Features: Complete Kit
  • Fully Serviceable
  • Universal Mounting Brackets
  • Replaceable Componentry
  • Accessories Available
  • Easy to Fit Plumbing and Wiring
  • Five Chamber Positive Displacement Pump
  • Thermal Protection
  • Individually Calibrated and Tested
  • Fully Serviceable
  • Self Priming
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Marine Grade - Non-Corrosive Internals
  • Integrated Pressure Switch
  • 360° Mounting
  • Dry Running without Damage
  • Quick Disconnect Fittings
  • Quiet and Smooth Flowing
Heat Exchanger
  • 100% Copper
  • Pressure Tested
  • Internal Flow Deflectors for Maximum Heat Absorption
  • C-Tick Compliant (Diaphragm Pump)
  • ISO 8846 Marine
  • ISO 10133
  • EN 55014
Part Number: 78X01
Description: Bushranger Hot Water Shower
Available Accessories
Wash Down Kit Part Number: 78X65
Anodic Protection Kit - Sacrifical Anode
(Suits Heat Exhanger with Bleed Point Only)
Part Number: 78X09
Shower Spray Set Part Number: 78X50
Johnson Pump Filter Part Number: 78X66
Heater Hose 15.9mm - 20m Roll Part Number: 78X63
Johnson Diaphragm Pump 12VDC Part Number: 78X51
Heat Exchanger
(With Mounting Brackets and Hose Clamps)
Part Number: 78X52


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