X Pack

Keeps all your essential recovery gear together in a robust multi compartment carry bag. Two kits are available.

X Trax II

Ever found yourself in a slippery situation? Here is the traction you need. Great for use in mud, snow, sand and dirt.

X Jack

The X-Jack is unique, practical and advanced in design. The X-jack has a triple layer top with a hard insert for added strength.

Snatch Kits

The snatch kits contain the essentials in any two vehicle recovery situation, don't go bush without it. Available in two sizes.

Hi Lift Jacks

122cm Tall with 94cm Continious Lift Lifting, Pushing, Pulling, Winching and Hoisting Low Pick Up - 12cm From Base.

Exhaust Jack

Fantastic in sand, snow, mud or on soft sloping ground. Simple to use and highly efficient, with no complicated parts.

Snatch Straps

Used in retrieving vehicles stuck in mud or sand when a tow vehicle is available. Two capacities available.

Winch Extension Straps

Used to extend the reach capability of your winch cable. Two lengths and Two capacities available.

Tree Trunk Protector

For use around tree trunks, to protect against ring barking when winching. Drop forged, high strength steel, rated to 3.2t SWL.

Drag Chains

Bushranger Drag Chains are designed to pull objects. Simply hook them around the object you need to move (like a fallen branch) and drag it out of your way.


The Bushranger Extracta Hand Winch is the Heavy Duty Hand Winch of the Bushranger product range.

Emergency Hand Winch

The emergency hand winch is a compact little unit made to get you out of sticky situations, supplied in a carry case it.

Bow Shackles

Essential to connect all your recovery gear. Two capacities 3.25t and 4.75t, both rated to Australian Standards.

Recovery Hitch

Fantastic for use with your heavy duty tow bar, the Recovery Hitch is the only safe way to attach a recovery device to your towing system.

Tow Hooks

Attaches to your vehicles chassis as a towing or recovery point.

Snatch Block

Easily double the pulling capacity of your winch over a straight line pull. Has a greasable step-down pulley.

Recovery Blanket

Essential piece of safety equipment for any recovery scenario. For use with both power and hand winches and on recovery straps.

Recovery Equipment Bags

You'll never need to search for that elusive bow shackle or vital piece of tyre repair kit again. Our Recovery Bag has 5 large pockets and 4 Bow Shackle Loops.

Extracta Carry Bag

We have designed a special carry boot for the Extracta Hand Winch and Cable Reeler, to protect your winch and vehicle.

Utility Bag

The Bushranger Utility Bag is a handy little storage bag. It is deceptively large in capacity, entire kits of gear with ease.


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