Redarc Management Systems

Redarc is an Australian manufacturer based in South Australia that is dedicated to developing industry leading products to fulfil the individual requirements of consumers. ARB stocks a selection of Redarc battery management products, with our team happy to assist you in finding the right solution for your vehicle and auxiliary battery needs.

SmartStart SBI Series

This auxiliary battery isolator is designed for use in multi-battery applications as a solenoid priority system, only charging the auxiliary when the main battery is fully charged. Two models are available with both suitable if the two batteries are not the same (eg. cranking and deep cycle).

  • Fault indication
  • LED lights appear when the solenoid is activated
  • Fully surge-protected
  • Available as a kit with all wiring and connectors available
BCDC In-Vehicle Charger

The BCDC is a multi-stage DC to DC charger, that ensures your auxiliary battery receives optimum voltage and maximum charge where there is either voltage drop due to long battery cables, or two different battery chemistries in use.

  • Suitable for charging from 12V or 24V vehicles
  • Charges AGM, gel, calcium, URLA and lead acid batteries
  • Available in 25 and 40 amp with inbuilt MMPT solar regulators for solar connectivity (requires RK1260 relay)
SmartStart Battery Management

Built to manage the vehicle’s charging system, 240V and MMPT solar inputs, the management system is a complete multi-stage battery charging and maintenance solution. An interactive face panel will show important elements such as charge completion and solar power generation.

  • No input is needed from the user
  • Battery monitor and start battery isolator provided
  • Charges AGM, gel, calcium and lead acid
  • Can be used for automotive, RV, camper and marine applications
Low Coolant Alarm

Regular vehicle temperature senders measure coolant temperature accurately, but with no alarm, a temperature spike can be missed and result in costly engine damage. The LCA1224 will flash an LED light and sound an alarm if the coolant level falls below its sensor.

  • Suitable for 12V or 24V, negative or positive earth systems
  • Self-test activates when ignition is turned on
  • LED and alarm activates if the radiator is not at an optimum level
  • External warning outputs allow a dashboard lamp and/or a buzzer to be used when the LCA1224 is not visible to the driver
Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Many inverters on the market produce a modified sine wave that can be damaging to modern electronics.

A pure sine wave output is like the wall plug in a house and is perfect for delicate electronics, handheld GPS units, computers and more. Redarc has inverters available from 300 watt to 3000 watt depending on your specific requirements.

  • Runs 240V devices in your vehicle
  • Suitable for power tools and sensitive electronic equipment
  • Advanced microprocessor controls

Designed to meet the requirements of 4WDers, REDARC gauges are ideal for monitoring critical aspect of your vehicle’s health when travelling. The extensive range of gauges are Australian made and combine dual or triple functions in the one 52mm gauge. With selectable backlight colours and two programmable warning colours, Redarc gauges will ensure there are no unfortunate surprises.

  • Available in twelve variants
  • Suitable for 24v applications (with optional adapter)
  • Extensive range of sensors and mounting accessories


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