Snatch Kit

The Standard Snatch Kit has been upgraded. It now contains our New 8,000kg Snatch Strap with 'Wrap It' Strap. Allowing you to quickly and easily pack and unpack your snatch strap each and every time it is used.

Kits Contain:
  • Robust Multi-pocket Storage Bag
  • Snatch Strap
  • 2 x Bow Shackles
  • Pair of Sturdy Gloves
  • Provides Multiple pockets for many items.
  • Compact ideal for storage in a vehicle.
  • Keeps all your recovery gear together for emergency use.
  • All pieces of equipment have been fully Australian Tested/Rated.
  • An essential two car recovery product, getting you back underway in the shortest possible time.
  • Used in most vehicle recoveries, to attached items to each other and to vehicles.
  • Provides protection for hands and mat to kneel on when attaching straps.

A snatch kit is an essential part of life offroad. The most common type of recovery when another vehicle is available, is the snatch. This kit contains the basic items required to successfully 'Snatch' a vehicle from its trap. Meaning you don't have to spend hours getting your vehicle back on solid ground.

  • Part Number: 61X01
  • Description: Standard Snatch Kit
  • Unit: Each
  • Contents:
  • 1 x 8,000kg x 9m - Snatch Strap with 'Wrap It' Strap
  • 2 x 3.25t Bow Shackles
  • 1 x Pair of Sturdy Work Gloves
  • 1 x Multi-pocket Carry Bag
  • Part Number: 61X02
  • Description: Heavy Duty Snatch Kit
  • Unit: Each
  • Contents:
  • 1 x 11,000kg x 9m - Snatch Strap
  • 2 x 4.75t Bow Shackles
  • 1 x Pair of Sturdy Work Gloves
  • 1 x Multi-pocket Carry Bag

Please take care in preserving the environment. Please fill in any holes when travelling and ensure the surroundings are returned to the original conditions and safe for the future.


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