Snatch Straps

A snatch strap relies on its elasticity to get the stationary car out of is bog. Ideally it will stretch an extra 20% ontop of its initial length to give the correct elastic reaction and 'snatch' the vehicle free.

To get this ideal 20% stretch or very close to it, the snatch strap should be rated between 2 to 3 times the vehicles GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass). Most Compact SUV's have a GVM between 2,000kg to 2,4000kg, so a 6,000kg Snatch Strap is the most suitable size for use on those vehicles.

If the strap is rated higher than 2 to 3 times the GVM, it will not stretch enough. This would dramatically increase the shock forces that occur during the recovery which can cause damage and even catastrophic failure of the strap, other recovery gear, the vehicle and even the occupant. The other way around using a strap that isn't rated high enough can overload the strap (take it past its limits of elastic deformation) causing it to fail causing it to fling back at a vehicle at a deadly rate.

  • Material: Nylon Webbing
  • Length: 9 Meters (unstretched)
  • Stretch Factor: 20%
  • Colour: Grey with Red Ends
Snatch Strap Range
  • 6,000 kg Snatch Strap
  • Part No: 52X02
  • 8,000 kg Snatch Strap
  • Part No: 52X00
  • 11,000 kg Snatch Strap
  • Part No: 52X01
New Features on 6,000kg Strap
  • Easy to identify rating printed around each eyelet.
  • New 'Wrap-it' Strap for quick and easy storage.
  • Each batch is rated and batch tested/coded.
  • Extra usage tag to record the straps life-span.
Safety and Inspection

Prior to using the snatch strap inspect for damage. Damage may include:

  • Frayed materials
  • Loose stitching
  • Cuts & abrasions

If the snatch strap exhibits any of the above discard the snatch strap.

Care and Use Instructions
  • Exceeding the capacity of this product will cause it to fail.
  • DO NOT use this strap if the strap is damaged in any way and ALWAYS inspect prior to use.
  • DO NOT attach this strap to a tow ball, bullbar, tow bar, ONLY use dedicated tow points as described in vehicle manual.
  • All spectators to be at least 20m from vehicles during recovery.
  • Avoid connecting straps to form longer components.
  • Never push a vehicle during recovery.
  • Wash in warm water and mild detergent if required and allow to dry prior to storing strap. Preferbly store in a special recovery bag ready for next use.
  • Do not expose snatch strap to any petroleum-based products, acids or alkaline products.
  • Ensure snatch strap is not stored in direct sunlight or wet/humid environments.
  • Clean snatch strap in warm water and allow to dry in the shade. (Always ensure snatch strap is dry prior to being stored)
  • Snatch strap life = 10 vehicle recoveries or as per safety & inspection requirements above.

Kingsley Enterprises highly recommends that all usages of the snatch strap be recorded and kept with the off road recovery kit.

Important Note



Please take care in preserving the environment. Once the vehicle is recovered, fill in any holes and ensure the surroundings are safe for the next vehicle and returned to the original conditions.


There are two main methods of recovery using a snatch strap, the difference can be demonstrated when a heavy vehicle recovers a light vehicle and in reverse where a light vehicle recovers a heavy vehicle. As demonstrated here.


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